I'm Lesley. Also known as mama, mommy, mom, and honey.

I started blogging as a way to share a little of me with people. But it evolved into so much more than that. I started doing product reviews and giveaways, which is SO MUCH FUN! I've met some great people through blogging and social networking. It's really been a great experience. I'm a book nerd. I'm addicted to Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Seriously, it's my jam.

Social media and marketing take a lot of my time. I love working with companies and connecting with people who have the same interests as me. It's opened doors I never would have thought.

More about me:

I live in WV. I was born here and can't imagine living anywhere else. I say that but honestly if the right opportunity arose, I would think about it. I'd really love to travel one day. I want to go....everywhere! The furthest I have ever been is Arizona. It was BEAUTIFUL! 

I'm married to the love of my life, Robby. It hasn't always been easy. I don't think any marriage is. But we're dedicated to making it work. We love each other to no end. 

We have two of the greatest kids around. 

Gracie is 19. I often wonder where the time went. How did she grow so flipping fast? She's currently a freshman in college. She was studying psychology but recently changed her major to elementary education. She's an Alphi Chi. Loves all things K-POP and is the most sarcastic person ever. 
Super proud of this girl right here!

 Matthew is 14. This dude keeps us hopping. My husband and I homeschool him. We have since COVID. He's in 8th grade and all things going smoothly he will transition into high school next year. Sweet Lord, HOW??!! He is the king of video games. Thinks he's gonna live at home forever and could out eat a gorilla. *shrugs*

If you wanna know anything else just ask me. :)