Monday, February 23, 2015

Collision Course by SC Stephens

 April 9, 2012
Lucas had it all—popularity, a devoted girlfriend, a brotherly best friend, and a loving mother who would do anything for him. His life was right on course to be successful and fulfilling…until the crash changed everything.

Late at night, during a sudden downpour, three young lives are lost and Lucas, the lone survivor, is left to face the consequences. Surrounded by swirling gossip as to what really happened that fateful evening, Lucas now finds himself an outcast. Shunned by former friends, condemned by the people of his small town, and riddled by his own guilt and self-hatred, he struggles to find hope, find peace, and maybe, even find love.

This book had me crying from the start. I think I cried more than I have ever cried during any book ever.

Whenever the tears would finally stop, I would read something and they would start again. It was the most emotionally taxing read. But it was wonderful. I felt everything that these characters were feeling. I have to say thought that even through the tears I was able to crack a smile or even giggle. It was crazy. I felt crazy at times. I took a lot of breaks from reading this because I honestly couldn't handle myself. I was so wrapped up in what I was experiencing. I kept posting on Facebook and was reaching out for human contact. Thankful I had people who had read it and understood where I was at mentally.

This story was so realistic that it hurt me. Because I can't imagine that pain that someone would go through. It was written so beautifully. I love SC Stephens and she is an absolute genius when it comes to words. This book will forever leave an impact on me.

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