Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Harder I Fall by Jessica Gibson {review}

Becca Langer was not a normal girl, she didn't have normal girl problems. For most of her life, she’s had to take care of herself, her younger brother Chad, and her drunk mother. She’s lived under the shadow of what her father did when she was ten years old. Forever branded by his actions. 

College was her escape, she could get away and finally live. Her dream was to make it in the New York Ballet Company one day. That for her meant a long road full of hard work and dedication. She didn't have time for distractions, and Levi Klein was definitely a distraction. 

Will Levi be able to crack through her tough exterior and really see the wounded soul underneath? Becca needs to be loved, but the question is, will she let Levi love her? 

My Review:
So we start this story with Becca dealing with an emotional nightmare and preparing to leave home for college.  From there we watch her battle herself and her need for friendship and her need to protect herself from getting close to anyone. She becomes friends with her roommate Sadie and Sadie helps Becca to open up. Then Becca meets Levi. Levi wants to be there for Becca but Becca doesn't know how to let him in.

This story is extremely emotional. Becca has not had a good life. She has a mother who has never been there for her. She has a little brother who she has always tried to protect and who she feels guilty for leaving behind. But through it all she has fought. She's strong but can she keep it up. Will her strength be her weakness in the end?

I loved all the characters in this book. The story flowed so easily. At times I wanted to shake Becca and scream look at what you have in front of you - Levi loves you!!!! But sometimes love takes time. :) It was a super sweet love story with a wonderful message behind it. A must read. 4 star!!

I can't wait to read Chad's story! He was such a sweetie.


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