Monday, October 7, 2013

Treacherous by L.L. Hunter Release Day Blitz {review}

Title: Treacherous
Author: L.L. Hunter
Genre: NA contemporary romance suspense
Warning: Not suitable for readers under 18. Contains violence and sexual content.
Formats: Available in eBook and print
Release date: October 1st

{about the book}
Charli Jayne has always been judged and given all kinds of labels growing up.

'Undatable' being one of them.
That is until she goes to college.
Charli plans to change… to be different… and will rebel against her parents.

With the help of her best friend, Mia, she sets that plan into motion.
When Mia introduces Charli to a mysterious stranger in a college chat room, Charli knows her life has changed.
However, this mysterious stranger may not be the person he says he is... Love is blind, and little does she know, Mr. Mysterious has already stolen her heart.

That is, until her life collides with Nathan

Nathan and Charli's lives are connected in so many ways, and when Charli discovers just how they are connected, she won’t know which one to trust: her best friend, the mysterious bad boy, or the man who was sent to protect her?

What will her heart decide?

{my thoughts}
A wonderful story of a girl learning who she is and what she wants out of life. Growing up privileged she was not happy and lived a very strict life. Going away to college she has freedom she's never had before....and with that freedom comes all kinds of choices. When reading this book you will root for Charli to make the right ones. You will love some of the characters, hate the others. You will feel as if you are there experiencing it with her. Loved this book! 

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