Friday, August 2, 2013

Around the Watercooler Link Up #6

Welcome to another Friday and another gathering...
Around the Watercooler

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A way for all of us bloggers to get to know one another by  answering a question of the week, and share a bit of something about ourselves to our readers.

So that we may empower our blogging counterparts to be creative, open, and honest with all of our endeavors.

The question this week:
If there was one thing (tv show, clothing trend, lack of technology) that you wish you could share with your child(ren) what would it be?
Oh this is hard. Because there are so many! I would really like for them to have the good tv shows I had and the lack of technology was nice because it made everything so much simpler. But what I would really like my kids to have is the extended family I had. I remember the excited feelings I had when my aunts & uncles would come in to visit. I would always be so excited to see them. The best memories I have of being a kid revolve around being at my Granny's house. We were there every day and that was where I grew up. I can remember getting off the bus and then going over to see her and show her a report card or just to say hi. I wish we lived closer to my parents so my kids could have that experience. It was the most memorable experiences I have as a child. Family really is everything.

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