Friday, August 9, 2013

Around the Watercooler #7

Welcome to another Friday and another gathering...
Around the Watercooler

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A way for all of us bloggers to get to know one another by  answering a question of the week, and share a bit of something about ourselves to our readers. 
So that we may empower our blogging counterparts to be creative, open, and honest with all of our endeavors.

The question this week:
What is the one thing that you LOVED to play with during your childhood, that you wish you could share with your kids?

Hmmm, well they play with a lot of the same things I did when I was a kid - Barbies, Legos....what I guess they had that I had when I was little was a playhouse to play in. Now when I say playhouse...I mean a real teeny tiny little REAL house. Ok, let me explain. My Granny & Grandpa had a little 4 room house (no electricity or water (it was shut off) and it had no indoor bathroom...are you picturing it?) with a front porch ... they rented it out and after the last renters left they didn't bother to try to anymore. It was used for storage and what not. Well eventually we had a lot of toys in there....and we had a key so we LOVED it. We decorated it and basically had run of the house. Do you know how awesome it is to have a HOUSE at your disposal? We were like 8-9 years old. It was totally freakin' awesome! 

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