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Undying Love Blog Tour {review, excerpt & giveaway}

{about the book}
He is Ryan Madewell, a drop-dead handsome Harvard grad from one of Manhattan’s wealthiest families, who’s on his way to heading up his father’s media empire.

She is Allee O’Keefe, a beautiful but sassy art school grad from the wrong side of the tracks, who dreams of living in Paris.

Polar opposites in almost every way, Ryan and Allee are instantly attracted to each other over a Picasso nude. They share a steamy, addictive love that defies everything--including Ryan’s ruthless father, his revengeful ex-girlfriend, and Allee’s dark secrets. Only, it may end too soon.

Here is an erotic love story that will make you laugh and cry. It will linger in your heart now and forever. Love is never having to say good-bye.

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Thirty minutes later, we stood facing each other in my candlelit bedroom. I thought fucking her would be fast and snappy, just like our first verbal encounter. But it was just the opposite. Slow. Methodical. Sensual. 

Allee gazed at me for a long while. I was about to make the first move when she softly said, “Madewell, I’m gonna undress you.” I didn’t move a muscle as she expertly lifted my t-shirt over my head, unzipped my jeans, and pulled them down my long legs. She then slid down my boxers and let them fall to my feet. I stepped out of them, the jeans, and my sockless loafers. I was totally naked. Her eyes roved up and down my body, lingering on the hard pillar of flesh between my legs. Smiling, she ran her fingers down my muscular arms, slowing over my defined biceps. Seamlessly, she segued to my ass, outlining the curvature, and then down to my thighs until she could go no further with out squatting. My skin tingled beneath the pads of her fingertips. Her touch was so soft, so sensual, so soothing. 

So the opposite of the caustic girl who had verbally challenged me the first time I’d met her at the Met. Perhaps this was the real Allee or, at least, a different side of her. She looked straight into my eyes. “Madewell, you have a nice body. It’s meant to be painted.” “Thanks,” I mumbled, humbled by her unusual compliment. She was no bullshitter. 

Eager to see her in the nude, I reached for her blazer. She forcefully lowered my hand. “Let me,” she insisted. I had no choice as she shrugged the jacket off and let it tumble to the floor. I had to remember that she was very independent and somewhat of a control freak. For some reason, it was difficult for her to take things from me, be it money or a favor. “You can watch,” she said as she slowly unbuttoned her white blouse. 

{my thoughts}
Holy crap, what can I say? This book is emotion packed. When you first meet Allee & Ryan you're probably not going to like Allee...she's a straight talking gal and doesn't sugar coat. Ryan..you'll love. This story is filled with real-life scenarios. It's beautiful and heartbreaking...and since it's an erotic romance there's sex and it's hot. You are going to laugh, swoon, and cry...a lot. Excellent book!!


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