Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Get So Emotional .... #DALLAS

I really do get very emotional. I can cry or cheer at the drop of a hat...whether I'm reading a good book or watching one of my favorite television shows.

One show that I really just have to watch every Monday night is DALLAS on TNT. I remember some of the old DALLAS shows and the epicness that was the Ewings. I know some have said these new shows aren't even close but I have to disagree. Especially after watching these last few episodes.

It all started with the death of JR Ewing. I knew that that episode was going to be hard to watch. Larry Hagman had created a character that was unstoppable. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. From the moment the credits started to roll, so did the tears. The show had a special opening which was slowed down musically and had a very meaningful tribute to the late Larry Hagman.

As a legend came to an end I wondered what the show would be like without him. Even though this new show focuses more on the children of Bobby & JR - Christopher & John was still his show. There was no way to not associate JR Ewing to DALLAS.

I have to say I have been floored with the way the writers and producers have truly stepped up their game. I missed this last Monday's 2 hour show because I wasn't feeling well. And I never seemed to find a chance to watch it, until this afternoon.

I was absolutely giddy after watching it. This is the DALLAS we have all come to know and love. They have got the drama, deceit, love, and emotion going on!

If you watch the show then you know what's going on. Pamela (Cliff's daughter, not his sister) lost the babies (it was a sob fest here) and it was all her daddy's fault and she just found out! Now it seems as if the Ewing's are finally going to be taken down by the Barnes. However, as we all know...that's never the end of the story. Even from the grave JR is running the show. I love how they have given Bobby a little bit of umph, he hasn't lost his morals but he can now see outside of the box a little. It is really getting good!!

Here's the ending of the last show...

This made me so excited I went running in to my husband and literally was in his face screaming with excitement. He hasn't liked the focus on the newer generation...but I tell ya I am LOVING it. It's DALLAS. And that should say it all.

Next week is the 2 hour season finale. I'm very excited to watch and see what happens next. We should find out who killed JR. I'm pretty sure whoever it is, it's going to be no one we expected. We can only wait and see.

Now please someone tell me I'm not crazy and you get all obsessed over television shows too? Please.... :)

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