Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Everything Changes by Shey Stahl {review & giveaway}

{about the book}
I knew a boy once.

He was a boy that changed everything.

I didn’t know Parker O’Neil outside of the occasional smile and wink. The AMA Supercross racer came to our small town one winter, and I had no idea what he was capable of. How could I have known that he would change my life forever that summer?

Eventually, the occasional smile became a smile I grew to love and longed to see. The occasional wink became a gesture that made my soul sway and my heart ache. In the canyons of the desert, he showed me his lifestyle and his love. 

What I didn’t see was the control he had over me. It was a power the glitz and glamor of his professional lifestyle had and eventually what tore apart any life I thought I knew. 
In his world of banging bars and soaring jumps, there was no room for someone like me. But for five years, every time he called or touched me, everything changed again. It was a touch that could heal anything and a smile that could light even the darkest nights.

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{my thoughts}
I first found out about Shey Stahl when I read her book Waiting For You. And I was wowed. Now I have a new author addiction! So when her latest book, Everything Changes came out I grabbed it up.

I am a real girly girl but I love watching certain sporting events...and well motorcross is one of them. I had never read a book about it, so it was fun to see what it was going to be like. 


Shey took me into the world of motorcross and mixed it up with a love story that spans 5 years. The story of Parker and Rowan made me laugh and cry. It also aggravated me. Now some would say that's a bad thing...but the way I see it is I get aggravated with people in real life, why not in books? It just makes it that much more real. 

If you want a book that will tug at your heart ... this is it! 

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You'll smile! 

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