Friday, November 2, 2012

#ShapelyGirl Fitness Wrap Up

So the month long fitness quest is over. What can I say? It was an experience! Not a bad one either. :) 

I really enjoyed being a part of this great group of women. We had so much support among ourselves and from ShapelyGirl Fitness' creator, Deborah Mazda. I didn't post in the Facebook group very often but I read each post and I knew that these ladies were going through exactly what I was. 

ShapelyGirl Fitness was designed by Deborah as a way for women of all sizes to learn how to get up and get moving. She wants everyone to know how to be fit regardless of size. Usually plus-size and overweight women do not try to do workouts because they can be extremely taxing. ShapelyGirl Fitness allows  women of all shapes and sizes to get up and move! By moving more women can lose weight and feel better about themselves! 

It's so hard deciding to make a commitment to change your lifestyle in any way. When it comes to learning to how be healthy and eat better, after you've done the opposite for such a long time it's hard to do. You need to be committed and have a great support system to help you through those hard moments.

I won't say that I did great at this challenge, but I will say I did pretty darn good. My goal when starting this was that I was going to learn to eat healthier and I was going to use my ShapelyGirl Fitness dvd, Walking Fit and Fabulous, at least 3 times a week.

Now I will admit I I had my moments where I just didn't feel like doing it. Sadly that was a little more often than it should have been. BUT I did finish with a bang and am pretty proud of myself.

I finally got back on the scales and I had lost a total of 6 pounds. I also have been doing a lot better at eating less junk foods and drinking less pop. I still really like pop but I am trying to drink more water and flavored water.

Overall, I did workout and I am eating better AND most importantly I feel better about myself.

I am so glad I was able to do this and participate with these great ladies. Remember it just takes one step at a time and you can achieve any goal that you want.

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