Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Monday: U Drive Me Crazy

Well, I haven't done this in awhile...have you missed it?! And again it'll be a flashback because that's the kind of music I like :)

A few weeks ago on Glee they had another Britney episode, which was totally awesome. Of course the songs have been in my head and I woke up with U Drive Me Crazy in my head. I've literally been singing it since about 7am this morning. I think I'm driving Matthew crazy!

Anyways I wanted to share the original Brit video. Do you remember when Melissa Joan Hart (while she was still Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and Adrian Grenier (before he went all Entourage) made the movie Drive Me Crazy? Popular girl tries to make nerd boy popular and then falls for him? Awesome movie. Which by the way I still have on dvd. They are actually in the music video. So it really took me back to when I was a teen and then it kind of made me feel old. But I'm ignoring that feeling and drowning my Monday in coffee....

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