Thursday, October 25, 2012

CSI: Miami Heat Wave Game Review #CleverCSI

As a lot of you know I am a big online gamer. Facebook games are a big addiction of mine. I play all kinds of games like Battle Pirates to Tail Towns Friends...and now I have found CSI: Miami Heat Wave.

Oh my sweet gracious. It is SO much fun. I can't stop playing it.

If you like the television show CSI: Miami and solving mysteries you will LOVE this game. It is so awesome. Seriously! Best of all it is FREE to play. As like most other games you have pay options but it's not necessary. You can have as much fun playing without paying out any cash.

CSI: Miami Heat Wave has all of your favorite characters from the show; like Horatio Caine, along with Detectives Eric, Calleigh, & Ryan. First you create your own character. which you customize by changing it's physical appearance and clothing. You, of course, are a rookie investigator and are put through the paces of solving crimes. As you solve each crime you are rewarded with money and items you will use during the game.

Each new quest begins with a short animated crime. From there you have to investigate the crime area, process the evidence and then question the suspects. It is so real to the show, it's amazing! Horatio gives you a case to solve, Detectives Eric & Ryan assist you in searching the crime scene(s) and Calleigh processes the evidence. You move from the crime scene to the CSI lab. 

Here are some screen shots I took of the game while I was playing. 

Here I am searching the crime scene.
Collecting resources I'll need in the CSI lab.
Calleigh processed the evidence. Now I have to examine it.
Questioning the suspect.
 The game is really easy to play and it's FUN! I can't say that enough. :)

If you think you would like to play this game just click here and be prepared for lots of gaming fun! 

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