Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Heelys Back to School with NEW Designs Review

Heelys has new shoes (with ultra cool looks) for the back to school season!

We absolutely LOVE Heelys shoes. They are such a cool invention. I mean every kid loves roller skating but to be able to do it in street shoes? Even better!

With the release of the new fall line you will find new radical designs that are totally giving Heelys a brand new look. Kids are going to love them. The two new designs that are drastically different from previous Heelys models: an athletic design that is the lightest Heelys yet (making them more comfortable to wear) and a lifestyle design tailored specifically to girls.

Just a few days ago I received a pair of one of their new designs. I'm going to give them to my nephew. I know he is going to flip over them! See the above picture? Those are called Spin - designed after the look of a car comes with flashing lights and tire details. What little boy wouldn't like them?

What is great about this pair of shoes is that they are from the HX2 line. This means they have 2 wheels instead of the usual 1. This makes it easier for younger or inexperienced skaters to skate more comfortably.

Heelys can be purchased directly from their website or can be found on sites such as Zappos and Amazon. MSRP for the new Heelys athletic/lifestyle products is $64.99 and up.

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*I received a pair of Heelys free for review from TrizCom, Inc. All opinions are my own and were in no way influenced.*

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