Monday, July 2, 2012

Up In The Air

Well, I guess as you can see I haven't been blogging much. I didn't lose interest but I seemed to have lost my purpose.

I'm not sure where I want my blog to go anymore. I feel like a balloon floating in the air...just drifting...

balloon in the sky. Pictures, Images and Photos

I love doing product reviews and giveaways...but I also love just talking to you. Telling you about what's going on in my life...showing you pictures of my kids and just having a good ol' fashioned controversial post every now and again.

I think I'm worried it's going to consume me. I want it to be fun, yet I still want it to be beneficial to me. I'm feeling lost and overwhelmed.

I changed the name from Dragonflies 'n Daydreams to Life with Lesley hoping that it would spur something. Nothing yet. :(

Just pray that I can find my way and feel satisfied with whatever decision that is made.

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  1. I also feel that way sometimes about my blog. Don't worry you'll get back to blogging soon :)


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