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The Seven Prayers God Always Answers: Book Reviews

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Today's Wild Card author is:

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FaithWords (October 19, 2011)

***Special thanks to Sarah Reck, Web Publicist | FaithWords & Center Street | Hachette Book Group for sending me a review copy.***


Jason Frenn has held more than 50 international crusades where more than 2 million people have heard the presentation of the Gospel. He has seen more than 200,000 first time decisions for Christ. In addition to being a missionary evangelist, Jason is a bestselling author and has a daily live evangelistic radio program on Radio Nueva Vida with a listening audience of 500,000 people covering parts of Oregon, all of California, and Northern Mexico. Jason is a dynamic speaker who speaks to English and Spanish audiences.

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The author asks readers: What prayer do you want answered? If you could sit down with God over a cup of coffee, how would you respond if He asked you, "What do you want me to do for you?" What would you ask? The author believes these questions could usher in the greatest breakthrough of the reader's life. He believes that God desires to answer prayer. Yes, everyone's. THE SEVEN PRAYERS GOD ALWAYS ANSWERS offers biblical insights into the power of prayer. It is designed to help readers pray and see the results that they pray for.

This book gives insight into the prayers that God always answers. It will help readers to understand God's heart so that they can pray in accordance with His will. There are many topics of prayer that this book discusses including; praise, thanksgiving, confession, intercession, and petition. Jason Frenn says, "My desire is that this book completely transforms your life!"

Product Details:

List Price: $21.99
Hardcover: 272 pages
Publisher: FaithWords (October 19, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0446546232
ISBN-13: 978-0446546232



What Do You Want Me to Do for You?


hat prayer do you want answered? If you could sit down with God over a cup of coffee and He asked you, “What do you want Me to do for you?”--what would you say? What would you ask? Think about it. His question could usher in the greatest breakthrough of your life. I believe that God answers prayer. Yes, even yours.

While it's true that God is not a genie, nor is He Santa Claus, He nonetheless wants to “give you the desires of your heart” (Ps. 37:4 nkjv). He understands your needs, and with a heart filled with love, generosity, and compassion, He reaches out to you at this time in your life.

Over the years, people have asked me some very interesting questions about prayer. Quite often they ask, “Is it unspiritual to ask God to help me get out of debt or make more money?” On occasion, some have quietly inquired if it's all right to pray for a more dynamic and meaningful sex life in their marriage. One person asked me if God cared enough to hear her petition to be a better tennis player. While these prayer requests might seem unimportant to some, to those who are searching for answers, they are very important. In almost every situation my response is the same. God cares more than you think, and yes, you should share your heart with the Lord. There is hardly a conversation with God you shouldn't have, especially if your heart is genuine and your desire is sincere. The following story illustrates just how much God cares about the details of our lives.

“God, we need Your help. We need Your provision.” Those were the sincere words I jotted down on a piece of paper sitting in a mandatory meeting just before the noon hour. My wife, girls, and I were planning to return to the United States from Central America for a year of itineration (traveling across the country to raise our ministerial budget). We needed no less than $5,000 for travel, a down payment on a used vehicle, security deposit, and first month's rent, and if anything was left over, clothes for the girls. In short, we needed a financial miracle. That was March 31, 1999. April came and went. Our departure date was May 24.

The last weekend we were in Costa Rica, I spoke at a church called Oasis of Hope. I remember that night vividly. Because we were so strapped for cash, my shoes had holes in the soles. One of the ushers in the church came up to me and said, “Jason, would it bother you if I cleaned up your shoes? It's just that they are too dirty.” Although it was a bit humiliating, I sat down in the back of the sanctuary while she polished them. Afterward, I thanked her, and she returned to her post.

That night, I shared a simple message of how God is the God of second chances. When I finished, the associate pastor walked onto the platform and, unbeknownst to me, announced that the church was going to receive an offering for us. Afterward, he instructed me to use it however I saw fit. The offering was $1,000. We were overwhelmed with gratitude for their generosity, and we were grateful, of course, to the Lord.

The week prior to our departure, we still needed $4,000. That was when I received a call from my father-in-law asking if I would be interested in translating for an Argentine evangelist at a crusade in San Diego, California, scheduled the day after we arrived. The coordinators needed someone to interpret from Spanish to English. I felt honored by the invitation and told him that I would be glad to help.

Five days later, we landed in Southern California and headed to the crusade. Along the way we stopped at a shopping mall to purchase new shoes. I didn't want people to see my toes pushing through the soles.

The crusade went well.

The following morning, both the preacher and I were invited to eat breakfast with the pastors who had sponsored the event. I took all three of our girls to the restaurant while Cindee enjoyed some peace and quiet in the room. After we finished eating, the coordinator said, “Thank you so much for serving us in this capacity. You have truly blessed our hearts.” After giving an envelope to the speaker, he turned and gave one to me as well. I assumed that it was an offering for serving as the interpreter. I asked if I could apply whatever was in the envelope to any particular need we had. He replied, “Of course.”

After saying good-bye and exchanging hugs, I said to the girls, “Come on. Let's go for a walk on the beach and find a park.” They were excited.

I waited until we found a set of swings and a jungle gym before I pulled out the envelope. The girls immediately started climbing like monkeys turned loose in a tree. I opened the envelope thinking, There's probably a check for $250 to $300. I unfolded the check. At first, my eyes couldn't believe it. This can't be right, I thought. The dollar amount read “$4,000.00.” I rubbed my eyes for a second to ensure that my vision was clear. Then I focused on the portion where the check writer spelled out the amount on the check. It read: “Four thousand dollars and ____________ xx/100.”

I jumped up and screamed, “Hallelujah. God is our provider!” Indeed, He is our provider. As I danced around that little park my girls wondered what had gotten into me. In one powerful blow, God erased every financial need we had. There was enough money for us to purchase a used vehicle, set up an apartment, and buy some clothes for the entire family. I was so excited.

Six weeks later, we embarked upon the itineration trail. We were driving from California to Tennessee and spent the night in a hotel in New Mexico. Sitting on the side of the bed in the late afternoon, I received a call on my cell phone.

The voice on the other end was very serious. A man asked, “Is this Jason Frenn?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “I believe you translated for a recent crusade in the San Diego area. I am the accountant for the outreach. By chance when you received a check from us, was it made out for the amount of $400?”

It felt like the world's rotation came to a grinding halt.

I took a deep breath and said, “No! No! The check you gave me was for the amount of $4,000.”

He said, “Four thousand dollars?! Well, that's where all the money went. There has been a huge mistake, a $3,600 mistake to be exact! We need to resolve this problem. I have no idea what I was thinking. How's your financial situation? Perhaps we can work out a solution.”

In about seven seconds, I told him the entire story, from my journal entry to the moment when he called me that afternoon.

After I explained everything that happened, I said, “Now, if you are saying that the check amount was a mistake and that we need to give you back $3,600, I am going to need a little bit of time. Because that four grand is gone!”

There was a long pause.

“If you're telling me that you needed exactly $4,000, I can only assume the Lord led me to write out a check for that exact amount. It must be God's will. Keep the $4,000. I'll figure out how I will manage things on my end. God bless you!”

Then he hung up.

Indeed, God answered my request. Through a series of unpredictable circumstances, His provision came at the moment when we needed it. Never too early, never too late, His timing is always impeccable.

It's been nearly twelve years, and we have seen hundreds upon hundreds of prayers answered. God has never abandoned us, never misled us, nor given us false hopes. He has seen us through thick and thin.

What about you? What are your dreams, aspirations, and desires? What mountain are you facing? What prayer do you want answered?

What This Book Can Do for You

In preparation for writing this book, I surveyed more than one thousand people and asked them one question: “If you could ask God in prayer for three things knowing that He would answer your request, what would you ask?” The answers were intriguing.

The single greatest prayer request was for the spiritual salvation of a family member or friend. The second-largest request was for some sort of financial breakthrough or career advancement. The third was for physical healing, often for someone else. The fourth was for spiritual growth. The fifth most popular prayer request was for physical protection and safety for their children, families, or themselves. Finally, people wanted the strength and opportunity to fulfill God's call upon their lives.

Odds are, the prayers you want God to answer fall into one of the areas mentioned above, and my desire is that this book will help you pray and see the results that you desire. I pray that you see a major breakthrough, not in one area of your life but in many. I believe that it is God's intent to help you move beyond the obstacles that keep you or a loved one from moving forward.

This book will give you insight into the prayers that God always answers. It will teach you to understand His heart so that you can pray in accordance with His will. This book will build your faith to move mountains. It will help you experience His power. My desire is that this book completely transforms your life!

Ask for the Impossible!

A man born blind was sitting along the side of the road. Each day, he held out his hand, hoping that those who passed by would drop a few coins into his cup. One day, he heard a distant rumble caused by a rather large entourage heading his way. Up until that time, no one born blind had ever recovered his or her sight (John 9:32). When he asked the person standing next to him what all the commotion was about, his neighbor replied, “Jesus of Nazareth is passing by.”

The famous healer has come to my town, he thought. Waiting for the precise moment when the central figure of the parade was at the shortest distance, he raised his voice and said, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” Those close by rebuked him and told him not to bother the Master. But he raised his voice even louder. That's when Christ stopped, turned to His disciples, and said, “Bring him!” They brought him before the healer. Jesus asked him the question that sooner or later He asks every one of us: “What do you want Me to do for you?”

At that moment, the beggar could have answered, “I'd like a million dollars,” or perhaps “I'd like to be super famous.” Instead, he asked for the only thing that had never been done in the history of the world. He asked for what seemed to be impossible. “I want to see,” he said. Without hesitating, Christ granted his request, saying, “Your faith has healed you.” (Story paraphrased from Luke 18:35-42 niv.)

Just like those who tried to discourage the beggar, there will always be people who feel it's their duty to tell you how insignificant you are. There will always be people who tell you that you don't matter, especially when your dreams seem impossible. There will always be people who have the gift of raining on your parade. But God won't. He cares about you. He always listens, because He loves you. So ask Him for what's never been done before in your life. I challenge you to ask Him for the impossible.

As a missionary evangelist who has served throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States, my experience is that God answers the prayers placed within the pages of this book. I write from the experience of someone who lived fifteen years in the heart of Central America and has seen God transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Without a doubt, He is interested in the details of your life. Ultimately, friend, it's your faith placed in Him that will allow you to see the miracles and the breakthrough you seek.

Our Road Map

This book is about seven prayers that God always answers. These are prayers that aim to motivate the hand of God to direct you, forgive you, free you, provide for you, heal you, bless you, and save you. They are biblical, and I carry a deep conviction that they were born in God's heart to benefit and bless your life. It's fair to say that God answers all prayer with a “yes,” “no,” or “wait.” However the prayers discussed in this book all have something wonderful in common. They are prayers to which God always responds positively in one way or another. In a day when people question whether God interacts with humanity and when unbelief is spreading like a virus, this book aims to teach you to pray in such a way that you clearly see the hand of God move powerfully.

This book can serve you in two ways. First, you can apply these prayers to your personal life. Or if you are a leader, you can also apply them corporately to those you currently serve or lead, such as your family, church, or organization.

Each chapter is dedicated to a prayer. Beginning with chapter 1, the chapters are divided into sections that will explain each prayer, lay a biblical foundation, provide powerful testimonies, give different examples regarding how you might implement the specific type of prayer in your life, and teach you to pray in a way that helps you see results in each of the given areas.

As we conclude this introduction, I want to focus your attention on the first question we talked about earlier. I believe that God asks you the same question at this time in your life. At the beginning of this chapter, I gave you a scenario. If you could sit down over a cup of coffee with the Lord and He asked you, “What do you want Me to do for you?” what would be your answer?

As we begin this journey together, I am going to ask you to be mindful of two things. First, make a mental note of the prayers you want God to answer. Second, keep your eyes open to the possible ways He may use to answer them. (Please see Instructions for a Prayer Journal located at the end of the book.)

If you desire to see your prayers answered, fasten your seat belt and prepare yourself for some incredible and miraculous things to happen in your life. If you're ready to experience something transformational, turn the page, and we'll begin that journey together!

This is an excerpt from THE SEVEN PRAYERS GOD ALWAYS ANSWERS by Jason Frenn. Copyright © 2011 by Jason Frenn. Reprinted by permission of FaithWords. All rights reserved.

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