Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why I want to be a part of the Kindle Campaign #imabzzagent

Hey y'all. I'm writing this as a way to get invited to be a part of the BzzAgent Kindle Campaign. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping with all my last wishes that I get in. I'm suppose to share something that BzzAgent Jono would consider "dope" but this is me we're talking about y'all.....ummmm, *cough* NERD! So I'm kinda far off of every being dope. But I'm going to give it a shot. :/

Before I get started on my addiction, obsession, or love (whatever you want to call it) of books I'm going to tell you what a Kindle is. A Kindle is a product of It's a neat little device that is also known as an e-book reader. Amazon offers a ton of free books, but they also have others for sale.

This is what a Kindle looks like -

See how small it is. It weighs in at 8.5 ozs. With all the books that Amazon offers you would never need to go to the library or book store again. Or at the least a very, very long time. It connects up with Wi-Fi and easily downloads books. Honestly, in my opinion, the most ingenious invention yet.

Now onto my campaign to get into the campaign.

Well, first off I LOVE to read. So this is right up my alley. Seriously, I can read a book in a days time. Sometimes I can read 2 IF the kids let me. Which doesn't normally happen.

I've been an avid reader since the years of The Babysitter's Club and Sweet Valley High. I would lose myself in the books and dream of being one of the popular ones. Then I got older and started reading was then I dreamed of meeting Mr. Right and falling madly in love.

Second, My husband picks on me so bad about my book obsession. I have A LOT of paperbacks and hardbacks. And I just can't part with them. I mean it would be like throwing out an old friend. BUT if I were able to be a part of the Kindle campaign then I could try to get all digital copies of those books and then donate those to the library or to others.

That could save my marriage y'all. I mean I don't think you realize what it's like to live with a non-reading husband. It's like he's from another planet. :(

And finally third...this would be the most AWESOME campaign ever. I could talk about it ALL DAY LONG. Seriously, get me started on books and you will not get me to shut up. I might lose some IRL or OL friends because of it but at least I'd have my stories to read.

Anyways, thanks for reading this and I hope y'all will still love me after finding out just how big of a dork I am....and if you want to leave a comment telling BzzAgent Jono just how WONDERFUL I'd be for this campaign - go right ahead.


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