Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Other parents and their opinions....

I wanted to write this post last night but then I stopped myself...I didn't want to write in the heat of anger. Or upset really. But after giving it time it really hasn't diminished much.

I was reading an article on Facebook posted by Circle of Moms - Leashes for Kids — Not Such a Bad Idea After All?. I know this is a controversial subject but reading the comments on the Facebook page ... seriously the way some of these mothers acted it was horrible. Mothers judging other mothers and saying such things as; 

"I think leashes are for parents who can't control their kids." 

"It's for lazy or under-educated parents who have no better means to control their children. Take some parenting classes and help build a better society! No wonder the US has an epidemic of emotional disorders!"

and this is from the mom who made the first comment about controlling your kids - "if you all notice, most of the negative comments are coming from certain parents that are for harnessing children-attacking the parents who choose not to harness... WE DON'T NEED LEASHES TO WATCH OUR CHILDREN. and for those that have special needs kids, I do have sympathy towards your need to use these types of devices to care for your kids, no doubt. I just dont sympathize for lazy parents.. just saying.." (ummm hello you just said they couldn't control their kids they are gonna get a little testy.)

Not everyone agrees with using a leash or harness for their child. That's ok. It's a parents choice. I've used one and will most likely use it again. I didn't need one for my daughter but my son is a whole other story. He is one wild little man. At the same time he is wearing his puppy backpack he's being taught to hold our hand and that there are limits to where he can go. I do it for safety. I've never had anyone say anything bad directly to me. All the people who have ever said anything were very nice and one elderly gentleman said "My granddaughter needs that. I'm going to tell my daughter about it."

Does he look unhappy? Mistreated? Yea, he's fine. ;)

The one thing that really upset me - wasn't that the other moms didn't agree with using a leash/harness/backpack....BUT the way they wanted to put other mothers down. 

Motherhood is hard. It's the most wonderful thing we as women will ever experience but it is hard. And we need support. Support from our husbands, families, friends....and those other unknown moms. I'm not saying its us against them. Ok, well I kinda am. :) 

It's just that if we disagree with something instead of trying to belittle a decision maybe there are other ways to do it, to help a mom that may need a little extra help - give advice IN A NICE WAY, ask why the person uses it and then SUPPORT THEIR DECISION

If this is the worse choice that parent makes for their child, well I say they are doing pretty good.

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  1. I agree that people are too harsh and judging.  What works for you may not work for others, but don't be all judgmental.  I hate people who use the net as a means to take out their frustration on others because they feel there is no consequence.


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