Monday, March 14, 2011

Pretty Neat Book Review & Giveaway

Do you all remember this post - Organizing Hell and Decorating Kids' Bedroom & Toy Room? Where I bared my soul and told you how I have a mess of a bedroom and toy room. Seriously, I can not stand to look at her room OR the toy room. It's a mess. There are times I'll wonder if one of the kids go in there they'll get lost. That's not a joke.

I'm embarrassed I let it get that bad. But at the same time I've tried. They just have so much stuff. And I have no where to put it. I needed organizing help. And I was really freakin' out about it.

So anyways within a few days of that post I received this wonderful book - Pretty Neat: The Buttoned-up way to get Organized & Let go of Perfection for review.

From the moment I started to read it I was laughing. The term Org Porn jumped off the page at me. That was just so funny. Do you have any clue what Org Porn is? It's where you see all these perfect areas in pictures in magazines. Beautiful organized rooms. That just don't exist. Not in my world anyways. Org Porn. Love it.

Authors Alicia Rockmore and Sarah Welch wrote this book to help women really focus on what truly matters. And give you ideas on how to take control of your life, time, and stuff. It's filled with tips from real women on how they organized and removed the clutter all the while reducing the stress they had to make it perfect. I found so many wonderful ideas that I think I may just be able to take care of those two rooms. There are some amazing resources at the end of the book to help out also. You can find some FREE resources on the site here.

If you think you could benefit from this book you can buy it at: Get Buttoned Up.

OR you can enter to win it here!

That's right. I was given the great opportunity to give one away to one of my readers. USA entries only.

To enter tell me about one room in your house that you need some help with. You know the one you don't like to talk about. ;)

Giveaway will end on 3/21/11. Winner will be chosen using

*Disclosure: Thank you Global Influence for the chance to do this review & giveaway. The opinion stated above is mine and was in no way influenced in anyway.*