Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January Friend #5 Jamie

I picked Jamie today because this girl is just really cool. :)

Jamie is a homeschooling mom to 2, a boy & a girl. She is married to her love and truly enjoys life.

Jamie has the strongest beliefs I've ever seen in someone. She knows what she believes and is true in her following of Christ. She doesn't force her ways upon anyone but she doesn't back down either. Whenever I've had a difference of opinions with her I know that when we part, it's ok because whatever she's said she did so because she wants to help not hurt.

She is constantly trying to better herself and her surroundings. She gets picked on a lot by her friends, because honestly this girl comes off as the perfect mom, wife, ... everything. But she takes it in stride and laughs right along with us, because she knows we all really love her and secretly envy her perfection. ;)

Jamie has a lot of talents but right now she's concentrating on her sewing and singing. You can read more about this awesome lady on her blog.