Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Friend #4 Marsha

Today's choice of friends is going to have to be....

Hailing from the big ol' state of Texas, where I someday would LOVE to visit, she's married to her sweetheart (who honestly in all the pictures looks a little mean - but there must be something there if she loves him (; ). She is a homeschool mommy to 3 little men - Austin, Noah, & Christian, who has gone on to his home with Jesus.

That's how I originally connected with Marsha. I was on my friend Amanda's website and she was asking for prayers for Marsha. They had just lost Christian. I couldn't even imagine her pain. I prayed for her and her family. I'm not sure when I first began talking with her. We're friends on Facebook and I follow her blog - Other Such Happenings. Every now and again we text. Marsha is somebody who is funny and strong..and overall just an amazing person. She has the deepest faith I've ever seen in someone. She really inspires me to be better. I'm so glad that we 'met'.

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