Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chores & Allowances

I'm coming to ya'll with some questions today.

I want to know how you determine what chores your child does and what type of allowance they get for doing them. If they get one.

I never got an allowance as a kid, but I never needed that much. I got a Happy Meal each Friday that was payday and every now and again we got little treats. Nothing like what these kids get nowadays. But I was content. I didn't feel slighted. I had my Teen Beat when I wanted it. :)

See Gracie got a Nintendo DS for Christmas. Santa brought her one game, because those things are frickin' expensive!! Gracie was telling me how she wanted a Littlest Pet Shop I agreed BUT I told her she'd have to pay for it. She already has $8.28. We are aiming for $20 + tax which would be $21.20. So we've got $12.92 left to go. I know most DS games are more, but our Game Stop is pretty good with having a large selection of pre-owned games. *crossing fingers they have them when we eventually go*

Gracie said she's willing to work for it. I've explained that the games aren't something she can just ask for and get, that daddy works hard for our money and we can't spend it all on toys. She says she understands and wants to do it herself. Then she waivers a bit and says I'll never get twelve dollars. LOL We'll see how this goes.

Advice people. Please!!?