Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tangled WINNERS!

So I've been sick and then my littlest one, Matthew woke up with the same virus I had. UGH! Boy, it sure was nasty and took sooo much out of me. BUT I decided to take a minute and try to catch up a little...and so I'm pulling the winners for the Tangled gift packs!

Are you excited?

Winners are as follow...

Package #1 - Rapunzel t-shirt & Silly Bandz - Mistey 

Package #2 - Flynn Rider t-shirt & Silly Bandz - momma24

Package #3 - Pascal t-shirt & Silly Bandz - Llado524

CONGRATULATIONS to you all! I'm trying to contact you now...please respond back asap so we can get them out to you! :)

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