Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bronzed Envy {review}

What is Bronzed Envy?

"Tan in a can!"
It's the next best thing to an airbrush tan! It will give you an instant tan/color right away AND also develops into a darker tan over the next few hours! This stuff Rocks and is a best seller!! Your very own jump start on Healthy looking beautiful skin!! Smart Tan In A Can is great for touch-ups after you are airburshed or the next best thing to an actual Bronzed Envy airbrush tan.

Ok, ya'll if you know me at all you know I try to be very positive and find something good about everything. And I'm trying...I promise I am.

I was given the chance to do a review on Bronzed Envy Can in a Tan. I'm going to be honest it took me awhile to be brave enough to try this product. I kept thinking what would happen if I put it on and something strange happened to my skin. I think that's why I waited this long (I've had it for about 2 months) - I knew that it's now jeans weather. I could so cover it up.

So yesterday we were all outside, the sun was shining the wind was blowing. Leaves were being raked and kids were running wild. I was feeling good and thinking I could do this.

So I did.

I started with my legs. I sprayed. Liquid ran. I shook my foot so that when I ran inside to get a towel it wouldn't get on my floor. So that's how I did - spray, wipe. And I thought it was doing ok. I was somewhat pleased with the results. So I did my arms. I was totally rocking a farmer's tan. But that's ok. I liked having some color. My skin is naturally pasty white. Seriously, I don't tan...AT ALL! I turn pink and burn. So this was a welcome change. :)

Now something to understand with this is it's an instant bronzer but then it also develops into a darker tan.

That is where my problem was.

So when night came, I went to bed. Only to wake up this morning with dark splotches and streaks. My husband had a tremendous laugh before heading off to work. I didn't think it was that funny.

As the kids were playing I took a hand full of baby wipes and started wiping - hard. It made a bit of a difference. So then I took a bath. A soaky bath using LOTS of soap and moisturizing body wash. After soaping, shaving, and scrubbing I think I'm going to be ok.

Now as I've had this bad experience I thought - What did I do wrong?

So I went to the website - - and clicked on the product link where I found pictures and a video. The video is a demonstration of how you are suppose to apply the product.The girl (also the independent consultant) showed how she started at the face and did it in short spurts. Maybe that's what I did wrong? I dunno.

The other thing was the before and after picture was of the consultant. It would have been nice to see more pictures other than just her.

I'm not saying this won't work for you. It just wasn't my cup of tea. The color (where it wasn't streaked or spotted) that I did get was a nice tan - not at all orangish. So maybe if someone other than me was doing it it would look okay.

*Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge in return for a review. The opinions listed above are my own.*

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  1. I can't do any of the tanning stuff either. I have tried literally everything and it streaks or turns orange. I have just resigned myself to being super pale forever lol


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