Sunday, September 12, 2010

Something to make you smile

Do you ever have one of those days you just need something to make you smile?

That was my day today. I was in a very blah mood. It all started out ok. I'm not sure what made things turn so horribly. I ended up grouchy with Gracie because she had messed up her room beyond anything a quick cleaning could help. (Note: I had just cleaned it Friday.) I know that shouldn't have upset me that bad. And every time Robby asked if I was ok, I wanted to cry. Later, I got upset with him....just because. I hate those days, absolutely HATE them.

And to make it worse today the National Day of Encouragement

So I wanted to be happy and encourage others.

But I guess today it just wasn't going to happen.

I love to make people smile and if I can give just one kind word and make that person happy I want to. I once had someone say I was always so positive and I tried to make the best of every bad situation. And generally I do...but I'm human hence the disaster I'll call today.

Anyways, as I was saying...I like to make people feel good and let them know that someone out there is thinking of them. Sometimes it's a quick email or chat...but one of the best ways I've found is by sending a card.

Cards are so special because they are physical proof that someone out there wants to tell you something. Usually good. :) They can have funny pictures, or uplifting sayings. Cards are great for special occasions and most of the time that's the only time people send them. But they are wonderful for everyday things. Just to tell someone hi.

I know that stamp costs are rising, but what's 44 cents in the big scheme of things?

This past winter was a little bit of a rough time for me and my family and I received a couple cards from my Great-Aunt Ruth and I always got such a special feeling when I got them. She is such a wonderful woman and she knew I just needed a little something to help. I always got such a kick reading what she wrote. She's in her 90s and very outspoken. <3

These are the things memories are made of. So go out there buy a card and make someone's day!

*I received a complimentary pack of cards from DaySpring and {in}courage with the promise from me of sharing an post about encouragement.*


  1. And I'm sorry you had such a terrible-no-good-very-bad-day!

  2. I am a huge fan of the written word. And with my increased time spent online and even online on my phone, I often don't pay quite as much attention to the written word on a screen as I do to ones written on paper.

    I'm a huge fan of handwritten notes. It truly says that someone took the time to care for me. :)


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