Monday, August 9, 2010

Stepping Stones Together Reading Program Review

Recently, I was given the chance thru MamaBuzz to try out Stepping Stone Together reading program for 3 to 7 year olds. Sadly, because my daughter was on summer break she had NO interest in doing it. Upset me highly. Books are my love. Seriously, I'd marry some if I could. ;) Ok, so I'm joking. But I do love to read. She does also but was too busy playing outside to want to. :( I did get her to sit down for a moment and read one of them. She liked it, of course it was a princess book. The flashcards and writing practices didn't fly though.

Anyways, I checked out this program from top to bottom and I think it's an excellent way for kids to learn or enhance their kindergarten and first grade reading abilities. It would be perfect for homeschoolers.

Here's a blurb from the company.
The Stepping Stones Together Program

Stepping Stones Together is a personalized beginning reading program consisting of:

* A choice of 30 high interest themed stories from our beginning reading library, which is comprised of 3 difficulty levels.
* Over 100 reading comprehension questions designed to build your child’s reading comprehension skills, along with thinking, reading fluency, speaking and writing abilities. (early reading benefits)

* A daily writing program linked to your child’s daily reading to extend your child’s reading and writing abilities.
* Extension games that encourage your child to use their newly acquired reading skills as well as explore the benefits and joys connected with being a reader.
* A personalized behavior incentive chart for each series of stories to motivate your child to record their daily progress.
* A personalized certificate acknowledging their achievement after completing a leveled series every 10 days. Each reading series is comprised of 5 stories at a given level read twice. E-alerts to keep you on target with the program, which are directly linked to your personalized profile.
* Access to Blogs and Newsletters to provide you with current reading research tidbits and best practice tips to parents of new readers.
The program will offer a very affordable ($19.99 for the 60 day program but access for 90 days) way for parents to get their child on their way to reading success. There is also a full year access to the program for $39.99. This is a very reasonable cost for a reading program. And it includes SO much!

You can find Stepping Stone Together on Facebook and Twitter.

*Disclaimer: This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Erika Burton, Ph.D. for this review.*

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