Monday, July 12, 2010

Why did I have children?

You know I ask myself this every day.

"Why did I have children?"

Usually it's asked sometime between Gracie screaming because I said no to something she wanted or cleaning up one of Matthew's many daily messes. Explaining why we can't do this or that, why we can't act a certain way. Stopping the climbing. On the days I'm stressed and tired and wondering how all the other parents seemingly have perfect kids when mine are driving me up the wall.

But then I get a hug. Or a picture drawn specifically for me with crooked words stating "I Love You Mommy". Sometimes it's a little giggle or a big sloppy kiss. Watching your kids play together - WITHOUT fighting. Crying at Kindergarten graduation because you can't believe your baby is growing up. It's those moments that only a mommy can appreciate.

Today there have been a couple of articles posted on Facebook about women (and men) deliberately choosing to not have children.

* Why More Women Are Childless by Choice - momlogic
* Is Being Childfree By Choice Selfish? - msn lifestyle

Erin, a childless friend of mine said, "People that don't have/want children aren't "incomplete" and it doesn't mean they don't like kids." Even though I think she'd make a great mom, I respect the fact that she doesn't want to have kids. Though I have let it be known that I hope one day she changes her mind. She is such a funny, sweet, and ummm sarcastic (at times) girl that truly enjoys life and has much to share with all those she comes in contact with. So regardless I know she'll leave her mark upon this world when she is gone. Which hopefully will be a long long time. I'm not wishing you dead, Erin, I promise!! ;)

I've also had another friend many years ago tell me that she and her husband decided they didn't want to bring children into the world like it is today. That one I have a bit more of a problem with. Mainly because yes the world is crazy and messed up at times but I always think you have a choice at the type of life you live and you can make it a happy one if you want to.

I personally can not imagine my life without my children. Yes, some days I question WHY?, but then I look into their face and I see my husband or even myself and know that this is what is meant for me. Maybe I don't really have a good reason for it. It seemed right. It seemed natural. I love them more than anything and would do anything to protect them. They are my world.

"Behold, children are a gift of the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward." Psalm 127:3

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