Friday, July 16, 2010

underWAY and Smart for Life Review

I could stand to lose a little weight. Or a lot of weight, whichever way you want to look at it. I'm not totally unhappy with my body. But it sure would be nice to be closer to the size I was when I got pregnant with Gracie.

I was given the chance to try some products from UnderWAY and Smart for Life. I had always thought that the minute a food was labeled as diet food I would not like it at all. I mean it would probably taste like cardboard, right?


I was really surprised - in a good way. :)

UnderWAY is an appetite suppressant supplement drink that is available in 3 delicious and nutritious flavors; grape, orange, and acai-pomegranate. It is suppose to work by slower absorption resulting in you feeling fuller longer.With only 10 calories per 8 ozs. that's pretty darn good.

UnderWAY is also sodium and caffeine free.

The taste of these aren't sickening sweet or watered down. I was able to try the grape and acai-pomegranate. They've got a good flavor and I did notice that when I drank it I didn't get hungry as fast.

The other products I tried were from Smart for Life. Now this is where it gets interesting. :) I like snack foods and this is based on what they call a "cookie diet". Now wait don't get all "you can't lose weight by eating cookies" on me. Let me explain the strategy.

The website along with the folder they send you clearly states the foods you can and can not eat. It also tells you how much to eat at each meal/snack a day. I like that about it. I like to have a plan laid out for me. It helps when there is no confusion about what you should or shouldn't do. Basically this meal allows you to eat 6 cookies (or equivalent substitutes like the soups, bagels, puddings) a day. This is with a low calories diet. This is the key. You can't just eat any old cookie with any old meal. It has to be strict and regimented. This is where I'm saying I fell off the wagon. I like food and sadly most of the foods I like weren't on the to eat list. But there is a large amount of foods that you can eat.

Anyways, I received a box full of goodies - cookies, bagels, soups, cereals, cupcakes, and shakes. That's a lot of food! I showed them to my hubby and he kinda snarled his nose like ewwww. BUT he had to admit that they "weren't that bad'. LOL He's such a man and can't admit when he's wrong. I fell in LOVE with the Chocolate Mountain Cupcakes. Can you spell Y-U-M-M-Y? Oh just thinking about them make me wanna go in there and eat one. I'll resist though. :) 

Reading the detailed food plan it sounds excellent. If you can stick with it. I'm not good at that. I can go a few days and then I need my bread and potatoes. I can't help that, that's the kinda girl I am. If I had more willpower I'd probably lose that weight I complain about. I tried to cut back and watch what I ate. And not eat any other snacks other than what was allowed. The meals were my problem. So all I can say is I lost a few pounds and I'm sure if I followed the plan I definitely would lose what they promise. I've been kicking myself and think I might go back and try it again. I can honestly say I found nothing wrong with the foods they provided me. They tasted good and were excellent for fulfilling my needs.

A recent study done at the Boca Raton Smart for Life Weight Management Center. Out of 46 subjects that visited and used a portion-controlled, protein-rich, low fat cookie with unique fiber technology, all subjects lost weight with the average being 13.1 pounds in 35 days. Five subjects lost over 20 pounds in 35 days and 20 subjects lost over 15 pounds in the first 35 days. The 46 participants lost a total of 601 pounds with one patient losing 38.7 pounds in 35 days. - courtesy of Mom Central

Smart for Life, compared to other diets out there like NutriSystem, South Beach, etc..., actually costs less. Per day the cost can be as low as $5.40. That's not bad considering some of those other companies charge about $11.00.

And they've given me a special 10% discount code for underWAY and Smart for Life products to share with you all.

Please use MCUS10OFFUW for underWAY products at and MCUS10OFFSFL at These will expire August 30th.

Overall, I was totally impressed by the quality of these products. If you're looking into a good way to lose weight and be able to eat good, this is for you. I really don't think you will be disappointed.

*Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of underWAY and Smart for Life and received samples of the products to review.*

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