Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweet Shot: my monkey learned to climb

Is this not the sweetest thing?

No, I'm not talking about his sweet smile. I know how cute that is! ;)

I'm talking about the wondrous confinement of the crib!

If you're a friend on Facebook you've heard the latest news on Matthew - he's learned how to climb out of that crib. :( So that means nap time and bed time have just become harder. Which is a shock to my system. Because he was SOOO easy to get down. I'd give him some milk, his bee (notice the blankie in hand?) and his bed...POOF! He was asleep. Now it's a matter of running, running, and MORE running until he finally just passes out. We've had 1 - yes I said ONE - nap this week. EEK! I really enjoyed nap time.

I'm not sure I'm going to survive this. With Gracie she was always difficult to get to bed, which usually resulted in her sleeping with us. I  didn't have that with Matthew,  I admit I was spoiled. *sigh*

He better be glad he's so darn cute.

Sweet Shot Day

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