Monday, June 7, 2010

NOW - Day 7

Well, I got my grocery shopping done. Fun, fun. LOL I like the eating, not the shopping. It wasn't all that bad...we got a pool for the kiddies, I bought some Father's Day stuff and then we got groceries. After all that we got home in time for Gracie to get off from school (only 3 hours tomorrow! and Summer Break is HERE!) ... She was SUPER excited about the pool and wanted to jump right in. But she had to cut that short to eat dinner and get ready for VBS.

While we waited for the church van to pick her up, Robby started working on our pond dam, which the past winter weather had really done a number on. He did a good temporary fix but then decided to have a little fun....

And poor Matthew just didn't know what to think of his crazy Daddy! :)


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