Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Glee Season Finale ... AWESOME!

Last night I posted super quick because I didn't want to forget about the NaBloPoMo posts and I mentioned my love of Glee and how the season finale was last night.


But now I'm going to go a little more into it.

WARNING: I'm a very proud Gleek, don't hate on me because of it. If you don't like Glee walk away now and we can still remain friends. My husband has learned this the hard way, do not groan or roll your eyes, no smart butt comments or you may be washing your own clothes, fixing your own dinner...evil looks will prevail.

Now that that's outta the way....let's talk Glee. :D

Susan over at 5 Minutes for Mom is a fellow Glee lover and she wrote the most absolute perfect post about Glee. She listed her top 5 moments of the season finale. Just reading them made me smile. Glee does that. Just think about it. Try to say the word "glee" without smiling. You can't do it, can you? Didn't think so. ;)

Last night's season finale was totally awesome. It's title was "Journey" for their journey to regionals...but of course it's not just that. They have sung the band Journey's songs before - it all started with Don't Stop Believin' and last night it came full circle with a Journey medley. EPIC WIN! You just can't go wrong with Journey. The writers of Glee know this and use it wisely.

I was Facebooking last night with a few friends while watching the show and we laughed and cried together. I think I started crying within 20 minutes of Glee coming on. It was just such an emotional episode. It's one I'm not likely to forget...maybe ever. I can honestly say in all the episodes they've had this one was the absolute best!

We swooned and sighed over the actors, Corey Monteith & Mark Salling, who play Finn & Puck. Are they not the hottest guys EVER? If you would have heard us talking you would swear we were dirty old ladies. (Remember I'm just 30! Give me a break!) BUT what saved us from that title was the fact they hire older actors to play high school students. It helps to know they are legal. HA! We'll forget for a moment that us gals are all married with kids. ;)

 Anyways, ya'll need to roll on over to Susan's post to read her top 5 which are my top 5 as well. She just has a better way with words than me.

Do you watch Glee? What did you love about last night? Are you obsessed with any of the actors like me?

And please remember I say obsessed in the best possible way, it's not like stalker obsessed...just *sigh* I will always love you (from afar cause honestly when would I ever get a chance to meet you) obsessed. You know there is a difference right? Ok, just makin' sure. I don't need any restraining orders tossed at me. (Ya'll know I'm just playing...right? RIGHT?!)


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  1. Lesley, I'm so happy there's another adult Gleek out there. I was beginning to think I was the only one. I am obsessed, but in a good way I think. This show challenges my thinking, helps heal old highschool hurts, and just out and out entertains me. My girls are beginning to wonder what has happened to their normally sane mother. My oldest said this to me last night, "It's just a show, no one is going to die over it, why are you so worked up?" She's only 13 - maybe someday she'll understand.
    My personal favorites are Kurt, Mercedes, Tina and Brittney - but that's who I hung with in school. I fit in best with that group. I'm really, really going to miss it this summer.


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