Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family Photos

I was just over on Marsha's blog Other Such Happenings reading her latest post "family pictures" and boy did she make me think about my family's last portrait.

I hated that picture.

I mean I only gave way 3 copies; my mom, my sister, and his parents. The rest are packed away where no one can see it. Until now. Yes, I'm going to be brave enough to show it to God and everyone. *sigh*

It wasn't even meant to be a family portrait. It was just suppose to be Gracie. However, she cried and pitched a fit and I didn't want to leave with nothing, so Robby & I jumped right in. Neither of us were dressed right, he refused to take off his hat, I looked fat. My hair wasn't fixed. Oh the list goes on.

But you know now I look back and I think this was the picture before - before so much changed. His accident happened about a month later, you can see his elbow has no scar. We both look so much younger. You sure can age a lot in 5 years. :/ So much stuff has happened since this picture. Some good (like the arrival of our little guy) and some bad... It's amazing how many memories one single picture can evoke.

Marsha was sweet enough to remind me (and you) that we may not get another chance for that perfect picture. And if we are honest with ourselves, we know it's not going to happen. Nothing is perfect.

Be grateful for what you have today and NEVER take it for granted.