Friday, May 28, 2010

Safety Tat Review

Your child getting lost is a parent's worst nightmare. I've had moments with Gracie when we are in the grocery store that she hides behind one of those big pillars and I can't see her. My heart starts to beat out of control and I scream "Gracie! Where are you? Get over here!" I know I look totally stupid. Especially to those people on the other side of the pillar that can see her and know she's safe. But I can't see that. And it's scary.

I was given the chance to review a product called Safety Tat which is a temporary child ID tattoo that contains your mobile phone or home phone number (or you can get write-on tattoos where you fill in the information). If your child would get separated from you at an amusement park, zoo, or at any other type of event the information is there to contact the parents.

Safety Tat also has allergy tats which allow you to share your child's allergy with anyone who might be providing them care such as a day camp. For those moments that you can't be there to tell what they can and can't eat. I'm thinking of getting some for peanut butter for Gracie. This past winter we found out she can no longer eat peanut butter, it makes her very sick. And even though she knows it makes her ill, she still wants it. UGH!

These tattoos are very easy to apply. Here's what the website tells you to do...

How to Apply your Original Style SafetyTat® Brand Kids' Temporary ID Tattoos
Original SafetyTat Temporary ID Tattoo Application Instructions

You will need a WARM WET sponge, washcloth or paper towel for Step 5.

While you are applying your SafetyTat Temporary ID Tattoo, talk to your child about safety, and the significance of his or her SafetyTat. Take a look at some of our recommended child safety tips to jump start your conversation.

1). Be sure your child's skin is clean and dry before you apply the temporary tattoo. Please make sure your child's skin does not have sunscreen or lotion on it before applying SafetyTat. Please avoid using sunscreen on or near your SafetyTat, as many brands will break down the adhesive in SafetyTats.

2). Choose a place to apply on his or her arm—any body part that doesn’t have a lot of hair.

3). Carefully peel the clear transfer sheet away from the colored side of the temporary ID tattoo (your finger nail works best). The adhesive from the clear transfer sheet should now be on the tattoo.

4). With dry hands, press and hold firmly in place on your child's arm for one minute so your body heat can set the tattoo to his or her skin. This is probably the most important step to a good application!

5). Now, use your WARM wet sponge, washcloth or paper towel to thoroughly wet the back of the temporary tattoo. As the water soaks in, the tattoo will become visible through the paper. Use lots of water for best results. Within about 30 seconds, the paper will soon easily slip from your child's temporary tattoo. Let the tattoo dry thoroughly. This can take several minutes. Please be sure your SafetyTat is dry before covering with clothing (or sheets/blankets).

If your tattoo still seems sticky after you have wet it and slipped the paper off, simply add more water to the top. This is just residual adhesive from the protective paper you have removed. TAT TIP Baby powder! After your SafetyTat dries completely, and if it still seems somewhat sticky, sprinkle just a little baby powder on it and lightly rub. This is such a great Tat Tip, and it feels so nice, too!
This is just instructions for the Original Style, for the Write-on Tats you have different instructions. Make sure you follow them to get best results. :)

I was really pleased with these at how well they went on and stayed on. Day 2 you could definitely tell though that if you were needing to go anywhere you should reapply. They have really cute designs and  they help to give you peace of mind. They have really cute designs so your child shouldn't mind wearing them.

These are the ones we picked.

* Actual size of each Original SafetyTat is approximately 2.25" x 0.875"

Here's a picture of Matthew's arm with one on. The picture was actually taken because we had drawn a bunny on him and he loves looking at pictures...but you can kinda see the tat on him. :D

Anyways, I liked them and think it's a great idea. You should check them out! :)

*Disclosure: This is a MamaBzz review. I received a pack of Original SafetyTats and a pack of Quick Stick Write-on! Tats, free of charge, from SafetyTat, for the purposes of this review*


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