Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party Time 2010

Are you ready to party?? I am!! Woooooooo!! Ok, so that was majorly cheesy. But I guess you could say that is me. ;o)

Hi there! If you haven't visited me before my name is Lesley. I live in the great state of WV with the love of my life, Robby and our two kiddies - Gracie (6yrs) and Matthew (20mos).

Here's a bit about me...
*I'm a fairly simple person. It doesn't take much to make me happy. Give me a flower or a  lollipop and I'm yours forever.
*I love hard and am passionate about many things.
*I think people are generally good. They just sometimes make really, really bad choices. I'm an optimist.
*I don't like to cook or clean. That makes me feel bad. Like a really bad
wife and mama....but I'm trying to be better. Nobody's perfect ya know!
*I love, love, love to go barefoot. I hate socks!

Does that tell you enough? No? Really? Ok, well then you'll just need to leave me a comment and ask away. :o) I liiiiike comments.Or if you don't want to admit you want to know more about my crazy self you can always check out the About Me page. :o)

I blog because it's fun. I love sharing with people, hence the product reviews and giveaways. Throughout this blog and other social networking sites I've been able to meet some great people. I've been blessed.

You can find me on Facebook here and here. Twitter here. And don't forget to subscribe by email and Google Friend Connect (on the sidebars). :))

I'm gonna have some giveaways going on here within the next day or so - so be sure and come back to visit me I mean enter to win. See ya soon!! Told you I was an optimist....see I still think you might actually come back here. ;o)

Now don't forget to head on over to 5 Minutes for Mom and check out all the other partiers. You know they have some AMAZING prizes. Like a Toshiba laptop. Oh my. How I would love to win that. But I don't ever win big stuff. Still I have hope. They have other cool stuff too like gift certificates, necklaces, photo gifts, beauty products. The list goes on. Wonderful stuff!!