Thursday, April 8, 2010

Book Review: The Grumpy Monk

I stay on Facebook....a lot. Some might even say it's an addiction of mine. ;) I have met so many wonderful people through social networking. I love getting on there and reading people's statuses and just chatting with folks. My husband has compared it to when his mom would be talking to friends on the phone, it's just that our technology has evolved and we are able to talk to many different people from different areas. It's wonderful! I have been Facebook friends with Robin Khoury for some time now and when her book 'The Grumpy Monk' came out I was so blessed by her when she asked if I wanted to do a review for her. Of course I said! It really sounded like a wonderful book and I couldn't wait to share it with Gracie. Matthew is still a bit too young to sit still for such a book, but when the time comes I'll pull it out for him also.

A children’s version of The Practice of the Presence of God  The Grumpy Monk is the story of Brother Lawrence, a French monk who lived in the Middle Ages. Brother Lawrence was a grumpy monk, until he learned the secret of weaving salvation, praise, and gratefulness to God into every moment of every day. Available in softcover and soon in e-book format.

I have read this to Gracie a few times and she sits there and listens so carefully. Sometimes she asks questions and I try to answer her to the best of my ability. I love how the book is so gentle, but filled with truth. It's really a good book for adults also. It states the simple truth ~ in all things we do, God is with us. He can change so that we are happy doing those things we might not like to do, such as laundry and dishes. :) Ok, so that ones for me. For Gracie it would be cleaning her room. We're still working on that, but I keep on reading 'The Grumpy Monk' to her with the hope she will see that we should just do things without fussing and know that no matter how we feel it is important. As the inside of the book states ~ Do all things without murmurings and disputings. Philippians 2:14

This book is published by Little Light Press and can be purchased here for only $9.95.

And within the next day or so I'll have a giveaway of this book coming. So check back and enter to win!! :)

*I was provided the book for free. The opinion is my own.*


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