Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Super Kids Nutrition

Recently I was told about this cool website for kids to teach them about nutrition. Super Kids Nutrition's website is jam-packed with tips and fun activities for kids to help them learn how to eat healthy. They really try to make it fun. Even I found myself enjoying the information on the site.

Did you know that strawberries are a great tooth whitener? Me either! They have an enzyme called malic acid that loosens stains on teeth. So not only are they tasty but they are helpful too.

Gracie is a super picky eater. I mean it's chicken nuggets and mac 'n cheese. ALL THE TIME. I'm hoping that I can try to introduce her to some new foods through some fun ways on the website. We will see!!

Check 'em out!

*Dislaimer: By posting this information I may be provided a Super Kids Nutrition book for free - First 50 Bloggers will Receive Super Crew® Kids Books - and Entered for Chance to Win $250 Towards Stocking Up on Healthy Snacks.*


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