Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reading with Your Children

I got an email this morning that made me think about my children and the books that I read to them. And how they've grown because of it.

Mother's Click has an article on their website that lists 5 classic books every family should own. Sadly, we don't have any of them. Yikes! Am I a bad mommy? We do however have 2 bookcases full of books, along with a very large tote.

From the time Gracie was able to hold her head up we've read. I would read her the same board books over and over again. She chewed on them. They were loved. I think this is what helped her to start talking and have a large vocabulary at such a young age. And now since she's learning to read by herself she has really taken off and just amazed me at how fast she's picked it up.

Now Matthew is a different story. He will not sit still long enough for us to get through a book. He will take it a flip through the pages and occasionally point to pictures. He's too busy being busy. Getting into everything! He's only 18 months and I try really hard not to compare the two at this age...but then I start to wonder if I have somehow failed him. He doesn't talk that much. Only a handful of words that you can really clearly understand. But of course there is his body language in which he makes sure we know what he's talking about. Now in saying this I am not in anyway saying he isn't smart. Because he is in so many different ways. This child has so much charm, it's scary.

I know that they are different kids and they are going to grow and learn at different rates. Boys and girls are different even from birth ~ and I don't just mean anatomically. :) The differences in their personalities are amazing.

For those of you with multiple children, what are some of the differences you've noticed as they grew and learned new things?


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