Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review: "The Word of God on Being a Woman, a Wife, and a Mother" e-book

Being a Christian woman in today's world is pretty hard if you ask me. We are expected of so many things and don't always know which way to turn. God has expectations for us as well. Those are the most important. How we can live our life the way he as intended us to. The Word of God series by Foote Family Ministries is intended to help us by giving us the verses of the Bible that relate to certain topics.

I was so excited to be able to review this e-book. I had heard of these books, but had yet to purchase one. So when they were looking for reviewers for the latest books I jumped at the chance. Mrs. Foote was gracious enough to give me a choice of what book I would like to read and I chose "The Word of God on
Being a Woman, a Wife, and a Mother". Because when it all boils down to it ~ that is what I am. The title of blogger or friend fades away. These are my most important roles. And I'll admit there are many times I feel very inadequate in them. Have you ever felt that way? Do you doubt yourself in the choices you are making?

When I first opened the e-book I was a bit overwhelmed. 133 PAGES!!! Granted that's nothing compared to if I was going to sit down and read the Bible. Which is something I am trying to do this year. :) But as I was saying, I was a little overwhelmed ~ until I saw exactly what was going inside. Starting with the book of Genesis EVERY verse in the Bible that pertains to being a woman, wife, or mother is there!

I really enjoyed being able to sit down and read exactly what God's word says about my roles as a woman, wife, and mom. I think that any woman who wants to grow in their faith and grow in their relationships can benefit from this e-book. This is going to be a permanent reference for me as I question what I need to do. When I start to wonder how I'm going to be a good wife or good mother and what God expects me to do in those difficult moments.

If any of this has made sense to you and you have at one time wondered just where to go from here - I urge you to go over to Foote Family Ministries and check out their vast selection of e-books. It'll be well worth it. :)


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  1. It always been admiring deed for a woman that despite the daily struggles and busy life, she still find time to do Christian activities.


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