Friday, January 8, 2010

Review: SEED+

Everything begins with a seed. It’s a fact that a single seed contains all the nutrients that enable life. When you look inside a seed, it’s packed with elements that provide incredible skin health benefits. Our seeds are rich in Vitamin E, a powerful skin care rejuvenator. They also provide multiple forms of antioxidants and beneficial essential fatty acids. It's all inside these tiny seeds – the essence and power to create a healthy life.

Back in December, I was contacted about some products from SEED+. I was asked to try them out and post a review. I like body products so was anxiously awaiting their arrival. When they arrived in the mail, I ripped into the package...and this is what I found: grape seed enriched nourishing body lotion, body soap, and shampoo bar.

Usually, I'm not a big fan of lotion. I always find it greasy and hard to rub in. I was very surprised with how non-greasy this was! The scent was Invigorating Citrus Thyme. I think it smells very much like lime. I liked it a lot.

The body soap, also scented in Invigorating Citrus Thyme, was very moisturizing. After my bath, I definitely felt as if my skin felt softer and smoother.

The shampoo bar I was a little nervous about. I have extremely thick hair. And I just had visions of my hair being caked with soap or it coming out not looking clean. But it worked great. My hair felt (and looked) squeaky clean!

I can honestly say I REALLY liked all the products that we sent to me. These are some that in the future I would likely purchase. Be sure and check out their products at

*Disclaimer: I received these products for free, but the above opinion is my own.*


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