Monday, January 25, 2010

Homeschool Resource of the Day: Life Begins

LIFE BEGINS (PDF comic book) – “Life Begins: An Amazing Adventure”, is a comic book published by Human Life Alliance, designed to teach grade school children about the humanity of the pre-born child. It is a walk through the first nine months of life, lead by two adventurous narrators, Carl and Tickles. Children will enjoy their antics while learning important life-affirming information about how a baby grows inside a mother’s womb.

To quote the publishers: “Since Life Begins was created for grade school children, it does not contain information on abortion, but instead concentrates on the amazing humanity of the pre-born child. Human Life Alliance understands the importance of giving children a strong foundation in the facts of prenatal development and respect for human life at all stages without damaging their innocence prematurely.”

This PDF “comic book” story is very tastefully and modestly done, and is a great resource to share with kids of all ages.

You can get it today only at


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