Monday, January 25, 2010

The Boys are Back dvd Review

The Boys are Back starring Clive Owen is set to hit the stores tomorrow, January 26th.

Based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Simon Carr, The Boys are Back is about an Australian sportswriter, Joe, who has his life turned upside down when his wife dies from cancer. He is left to raise Artie, their 6 year old son, alone. Not quite knowing what to do he makes one rule - no rules. And then to top it off his 14 year old son from his first marriage arrives full of attitude. What kind of craziness will ensue from this? A little bit of everything! ;)

Trying to work, make his children happy, and continue on with life ~ Joe and his sons provide you with an extremely emotional that will grab you by the heart and lift your spirits.

*Disclaimer: I received this dvd for free from Walt Disney for review. The above opinion is my own.*


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