Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 on the 10th

I saw this over at my friend Marsha's blog ~ Other Such Happenings ~ and thought I'd give it a go since I haven't posted anything personal in awhile.


1. I'm really not very good at describing myself. I don't think I have a lot of self-confidence anymore. Which is what my parents always wanted for us kids. I mean I don't hate myself. I just think there is a lot I could change to make me better.

2. I have the best kids in the entire world. Okay, so you think the same thing. That's okay ~ we're suppose to think that about our kids. Gracie & Matthew are literally my life. ♥

3. I love soap operas. I know that's not a popular thing for a stay-at-home mom to's the whole stereotype of women sitting on their tush eating bon-bons. I've never had a bon-bon in my entire life. What is it anyways? Chocolate? Then I'm missing out, maybe I should be eating them while watching Young and the Restless.

4. My house is messy. (NO! it's not from me watching soap operas ;oP) I try to keep it clean. I know how to clean, learned from the best, but somehow 10 minutes after I'm done there are toys in places I had just moved them from. I don't stress over it too much. Now my mom ~ woooooooweeee ~ she couldn't handle living here ~ can we say neat freak? I ♥ her though.

5. When dinner time rolls around I don't always have a plan of what to fix. This is one of those things in above mentioned #1 ~ the feeling of I can be better ~ maybe I'm just not that good of a wife and mom. I do love my family though. So that has to count for something.

6. Facebook and I have a love affair. I just can't go a day without ~ withdrawls are not fun. You can join me in my obsession here.

7. I like food. No, I love food. I enjoy it. I'm a big eater. I like snacks and the whole bit of junk food ~ but I enjoy a big ol' steak and baked potato a whole lot more.

8. I love nighttime, the night sky is beautiful. But I also like watching the sunrise in the morning. I think my perfect "day" would be from probably 10pm to 9am and then I could sleep ~ but then I'd miss #3. Hmmm, maybe someday I won't require sleep and can just stay awake 24/7. Ha! Yea, I like sleep too much. So I'm just going to have to miss something.

9. I enjoy watching teeny bopper tv shows. *shameful look* I think it all started when I was a kid and watched the show Fifteen on Nickelodeon and Swan's Crossings on FOX. Maybe It's because I never had a lot of teenage experiences (I was shy, ya know) ~ so I enjoy all the drama on these shows. Glee & The American Life of a Teenager are my current favs. :)

10. I want to move back to where I grew up~ Gatewood, WV. Granted it's just an hour away from here but I ache for it. I want my kids to experience things similar to what I did. I want them to be able to smell horse manure and think "home". Yea, that's kinda gross...but whenever we visit my parents in the spring and summer it's right across from our house and Gracie snarls her nose and says eeeeeew. I just laugh and take a deep breath and say that's country baby. I ♥ it.

Think you might wanna attempt this? It's not for the weak, that's for sure. I'm exposing myself to all kinds of comments here. ;) Go here to check it out.



  1. ok I'm pretty sure bon bons are those little chocolate covered round ice cream bites, like they call them Dibs now.....

    I am a neat freak and have 3 daughters and one of my biggest fears is that they are going to grow up and be messy and I will freak out every time I go to visit their house. :)

    I heart steak & potatoes!

  2. I am laughing at O Mom's comment about the fear of freaking out when visiting her daughters' houses one day. LOL!

    All I can teach my kids is how to clean and how clean can be peaceful and nice. BUT it's totally up to them as to whether or not they choose to pick up after themselves.

    I love me some steak cooked medium! YUM. I'm not a big fan of chicken. My tastes got all wonky with each pregnancy.

    I will tell ya, I can't stand soap operas or teenage drama! Blech. I want to say suck it up kids. Deal with it, quit your whining and move on. Maybe that's why God gave me boys? :)

  3. I totally understand about you wanting to move home and aching for it. I'm 13 hours away from where I grew up and never in my wildest imagination of where I'd be when I grew up did it entail being away from Arkansas or my family.
    Great lits!

  4. Hi Lesley...nice to meet you! Glad you played along!

    I hear ya on the Facebook affair. I unplugged yesterday and by 9pm I was twitching! It's hard for me to untangle myself from the snare of it all. Twitter. Facebook. Email. Blogs. Ugh.

    I also hear ya on the Teeny Bopper shows. I got hooked on Glee this weekend (OH MY GOSH--LOVE IT) and I really want to watch Make It or Break It. Have you seen it?

    Somewhere in my archives I shared my meal planning system. It's something I've gotten really good at over the years, but it all stemmed from a desire to serve my family. I actually spent some time praying about it and asking God to change my heart and give me the desire. Like always, He was faithful! But it wasn't easy....

    Hang in there!!! So glad you played along this month!


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