Friday, December 11, 2009

Announcement: 3 Winners

Again I'm late with announcing winners. You can string me up if you want...but if I were you I wouldn't quite yet. I do have to tell you who won AND I have a few giveaways to post in the next few days. Your choice. :)

I usually post pictures with my winner announcements but I'm not doing that tonight just because I want to get this out there and done. ;)

The winner of the book Touched by a Vampire: Discovering Hidden Messages in the Twilight Saga is comment #1 Mommy4Him.

The winner of the book Kiss Me Again is comment #1 (only comment :() is Tara.

And finally the winner of the 1-yr. membership to Relish! is comment #2 MrsMomma.

Congratulations to you all! I'm going be emailing you shortly, if you don't receive it please contact me!

*UPDATE* I just emailed Tara & MrsMomma, however, Mommy4Him you have no email listed on your profile...please contact me through the email on the sidebar. Thanks!


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