Thursday, October 1, 2009

WannaBe Series Bundle Sale

WAS $89.50 NOW $49.00
That's over $40 OFF!!

Kids are captivatingly curious and interested in the world around them. You can encourage their natural inquisitiveness and open up their world of discovery and delight with this engaging new series!

What kind of hats does your child like to wear? A chef’s—pilot’s—or firefighter’s? Kids of all ages will LOVE learning about the fascinating careers that are highlighted in this amazing series! Hop on a learning adventure with your kids like you’ve never experienced before! There are so many interesting careers out there, but how do you know what they’re really like? Where do you even start? There are few resources on the market today that provide in-depth, interesting, age-appropriate, and comprehensive information about a full range of careers. TOS recognized this void and created the WannaBe Series™ E-Books just for families like yours!

Involve your entire family!

The WannaBe Series™ is a multi-age unit study. It has activities for children from 4 to 10, but the content is appropriate for the whole family—teens, moms and dads, and grandparents too.

The entire 10-pack includes:

• Firefighter
• Veterinarian
• Chef
• Military
• Doctor
• Police Officer
• Missionary
• Artist
• Pilot
• Farmer

Hurry and order before this sale ends!!


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