Thursday, September 10, 2009

Universal Learning System: Part I & Giveaway

Have you heard about the Universal Learning System? Neither had I until I was approached by someone from the company, Learning Link Technologies, to do a review. The Universal Learning System is a specific step-by-step system that organizes and strengthens the way the brain processes information. The Universal Learning System is the only system available that also provides visual, auditory, kinesthetic, eye/hand coordination, memory skills, and processing of information skills.

This is a system that is suppose to help students with:
* dyslexia
* ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
* Dysgraphia
* Dyscalculia
* Learning Differences
* Autism Spectrum Disorder

Since I don't have any experience with any of these learning disabilities and I wouldn't be able to properly review the program, I went to my Facebook friends and asked for a volunteer to help me out. Debbie was given a full year membership and will be actively using the program with her children. We have planned on updating monthly on how she feels it is working for her. I asked Debbie to give me a bio to post here so you all can get to know her and her family.

I am Debbie, married to my sweet husband of 18 yrs.We live outside the twin cities metro area and are blessed to have 6 children ages 5-17.

I have 2 degrees - Child Development and Elementary Special Ed and worked before having children in several different positions working w/ the 0-3 population of special needs all the way up to developing job sites for multiply disabled adults. My last year of teaching was in the public schools as a LD teacher. I was able to work a lot with parents and through that also volunteered w/ A Chance To Grow (somewhat like your program) back in the 80's.

My husband had some learning struggles as a child but is a highly sought after Master Tech working for a company that mechanics consult with when they are stuck on problems.

My oldest, David is 17. He started stuttering at 3 when it seemed his brain was working faster then his speech. Outgrew that but learning has been an extra challenge for him. Reading came at the end of second grade.Spelling writing and math have been his real challenge. Math is the main thing that he struggles with today still.

My next 2 children are excellent students-gifted in some areas.

My 4th child is a very strong willed child. His talking came later-closer to 3 and we communicated w/ basic sign when he started to get frustrated. I tried many different curriculum w/ him. He could have been considered ADHD and has specific allergies to colors. Because of his high activity level, I did not make him sit still through all the reading I did w/ the others until he hit 1st grade where he was required to draw while I was reading. In all the approaches I tried the letters, their names and sounds swirled around and he could not remember them. I felt very led to use the Madsen Method-makes 4 pathways the the brain. It was starting this program that I realized how horrible his auditory listening and memory skills were.(He is a kid that loves media). The Madsen Method has been our breakthrough and now at 10 he is reading,and writing successfully for the 1st time. He still struggles w/ not being able to tell the short "e" from the short "i "sound and sometimes even confuses those 2 w/ an "ah" sound. He is great w/ his writing but rarely has reversals.

My 5th child was both a late walker and talker. She did not walk till 17 mos nor talk till about the same age as her brother. We started Madsen Method when she was in 1st grade.I could also tell right away her auditory memory and listening skills were weak. She had alot more trouble saying the scripts initially. It was that trouble and her difficulty writing her letters(we spent 3 mos on writing letter a ) that had me separating them and going slower with her. Things have been clicking and she is writing her letters better but LOTS of reversals. This is not supposed to happen as they learn to write letters in certain patterns related to the clock. I will be using this program specifically for her. She is my only lefty and still cannot really cut well or write her full name (remembering the letters on her own). But she is reading 3 and 4 letter words and remembering the letter sounds. She also is very physically active and could have been considered ADHD.

My "baby" is already reading before he starts K this fall!! He also seems very gifted-knew all his letters and sounds at 3.

She also added:
Lesley- I realized I should have clarified that I plan to do this program w/ all 3 of my special students. I am starting w/Bethany(my 5th) 1st since she cannot go further in the curriculum we are using until she has mastered the writing part since it is all integrated together. I will add the 2 boys next week when we start school officially. This looks SOOO excellent and some of the activities are ones I used in A Chance To Grow many years ago.

I am so excited for Debbie as she starts this journey with her children and can't wait to update you all on their progress. :)

You can find out more about this program by going to Also offers a free video series through email.

But wait that's not all - you did notice the giveaway part of the title right?? Learning Links Technologies is giving one of my readers a 3 month membership valued at $240.

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  1. I am having to enter anonymously because Google won't let me log in right now.
    My name is Vicki Maheu, and I want to be entered to win this.
    My e-mail is
    If I won I would use it with my son Samuel, who has EVERY symptom of dyslexia that their website listed.
    He needs help so badly...

  2. Its Vicki Maheu again, I became a registered user.

  3. Vicki Maheu again, I left a comment on their blog.

  4. Vicki Maheu again, I left a comment on their blog.

  5. Vicki Maheu again, I am following your blog.

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  8. Vicki Maheu again, as soon as I can get logged into Google, I will become a follower on Google Friend Connect, and I will blog about it tomorrow and put the button on my blog if I can figure out how.

  9. I would use it for my dd that has reading problems. Thanks

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