Thursday, September 3, 2009

Review: Kenny Loggins' All Join In

I think we've all heard of Kenny Loggins. I mean as long as you haven't been living under a rock that is. :) LOL Ok, I'm just joking. But seriously remember the song Footloose? Yeah, that's his. He also had songs from Caddyshack (I'm Alright) and Top Gun (Danger Zone). Since then he has broadened his musically style. Now known for his album Return to Pooh Corner, Loggins and Walt Disney Records is set to release his newest album All Join In.

Songs include:
1. Underneath the Same Sky
2. All Together Now
3. You've Got a Friend in Me
4. Two of Us
5. Come Go With Me
6. There Is a Mountain
7. The Puppy Song
8. You Can All Join In
9. Gandhi/Buddha
10. Long Tailed Cat
11. Your Lollipop
12. Moose 'n Me
13. 1234

I listened to this cd with both of my kids and they seemed to enjoy it. My favorite song was track 1 - Underneath the Same Sky, which is another Pooh song. You can watch the video for There Is a Mountain here. AND if you continue to check back here on my blog I'll have 4 downloads available for you, just as soon as I get the links. :)

Thanks to One2OneNetwork for giving me the opportunity to review this product.