Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Websites for Freebies & Cheapies

A friend of mine quit her job today, as she has decided to stay home with her two boys. This is going to be a big change for her - going from two incomes to one. I'd say in a about a week she's probably going to start freaking out and wonder what in the world she did. :) But as I've told her I think this is a great thing she is doing and I'm sure that everything will be fine! Her boys will prosper from this move.

She asked me what sites I liked to visit to get free and cheap stuff OR just frugal tips. So I'm going to make a list here and ask that if you have any to add please leave the link in comments. Us mamas have to stick together you know. :) Also I've added a Mr. Linky so that if you have any blog posts related to this topic they can be added also.

Be warned!!! These are in no particular order and it's not even all the sites I go to (honestly, I can't remember all of them - they just pop in and out of my head). :)

Hillbilly Housewife
Angel Food Ministries
Freebies 4 Mom
PaperBack Swap
This Side of Eternity
Money Saving Mom
"Deal"ectible Mommies
Saving Cents with Sense
The Copper Brick Road
Grocery Price Blog
Red Plum

Please don't be offended if I left someone off. I KNOW there are lots more that I visit, but I Google search a lot. :) Typing in free samples "product name" works very well.

Also, when your birthday rolls around lots of places will give you free stuff. For a list of everything go to Freebies 4 Mom's Birthday list.


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