Monday, August 24, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: Truly Terrible Tales

Truly Terrible Tales of Truly Terrible Kids With Truly Terrible Manners (PDF ebook)

We know lots of kids love wild and crazy stuff, and this is about as nutty a "classic" as they come. We can guarantee your Boys especially will be enthralled with this book (IF you decide to allow them to see it -- it's your call!) This amazing full color children's picture book from the 1800's, "Struwwelpeter" by Heinrich Hoffman, has the subtitle "Merry Stories and Funny Pictures". But what it really features are hilarious, awful stories of bad boys with horrible manners, who get their comeuppance in terrible ways because of it. It is, as we like to call it,"bad manners on steroids
in the Twilight Zone."

You can get it today only at


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