Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School Tips from Sprite & TwitterMoms

Well, it's that time again...can you believe summer is almost over? The past 3 months FLEW By! And Gracie is getting ready to start Kindergarten. As some of you know, we held her back last year and homeschooled (to the best of my ability, I hope :?) She wasn't ready for public school and I definitely wasn't ready for her to leave the nest. That's not saying I'm ready now either though. If I had my choice she'd be right here with me - but because it has to be a decision that both parents can agree on - she'll start K full time on Thursday. She is very excited and a bit nervous, but definitely ready. :)

Since I haven't had to do this before I don't really have any back to school tips for other parents, but I will say that I think a positive attitude from the parent makes a world of difference. Gracie is a bit nervous about making friends and whether or not they will like her. I assure her that she is very likable and that it just won't be possible for EVERY student to like her, but that she will have many friends. Also, we have decided she will ride the bus to school - they say that this is something that makes it easier for children to adjust to going to school. I can totally understand this - because I know I'll be able to hold the tears in until the bus is out of sight. Then the water works will begin. ;)

Do you have any back to school tips for first timers like me? I would LOVE to hear them.

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