Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Homeschool Memoirs #25: How Many Loads?


This question was posted at a Large Family Homeschooling fourm, and I thought it would be fun as one of the memoirs.

Question: Watching the Duggars, and other mega families [our family of 11 is small in comparison!] I was astounded at how many loads of washing. Do all large families do 7 loads a day and more, as I was thinking it sounds a little OTT?

So share all about your laundry. It’s on very rare occasion that it’s suitable to air dirty laundry. Ha!

Well, I, by no means, have a large family. We just consist 4 in our little family, but we always seem to have lots of laundry. :O LOL A lot for me anyways....I hate doing laundry!! It's a necessity though. *sigh* I would *guess* we do maybe 5 loads of clothing and 2 loads of cloth diapers a week. I think when you have children it's a constant battle of stains and dirt. I've found the faster you do your laundry - the easier in the long run. :o)


  1. Okay I have just THREE people under this roof and laundry is a never-ending cycle... get it get it? Cycle?! LOL

    Okay it's the coffee.. anyhoo..

    Seems that I do about 5ish loads a week but my washing machine is new.. it's the front-loader thingymagig so it can fit in 2-3 times more clothes than a regular machine...

    help... me...

  2. It IS a battle with stains and dirt. My daughter's favorite condiment in the whole world is Mustard!! Do you know how difficult mustard is to get out of clothes? It surprised me just how stubborn it is!LOL I agree that it is better to tackle it quickly, because it does seem to multiply rather quickly. ;o)

  3. y'all crack me up! I do about 8 loads everyday: towels 2x, rags, diapers, darks, whites, colors, diapers, and if there are any blankets or anything!

    Love ya!
    The Daily Planet


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