Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mom Questionnaire

How long were you married when you found out you were pregnant?
Gracie: 1 yr 4 months
Matthew: 6 yrs 4 months

What were your reactions when you found.. out you were pregnant?
Gracie: Shocked and totally excited - Robby was in denial LOL
Matthew: So happy, worried about how Gracie would deal...and scared b/c of the health issues

How old were you?
Gracie: 24
Matthew: 29

How did you find out you were pregnant?
Gracie: I was sick, sick, sick and went to the doctor. He told me I had a UTI and even did a pregnancy test which was negative...a week later I was thinking it was possible...took the test and a big fat +!
Matthew: I was late and had NEVER been late except for the pregnancy with Gracie...Robby & his dad bought me a test a Wal-Mart (he got the 3 pack) and by that evening he had made me take all 3. LOL

Did you want to find out the sex?
Yes both times! When I found out Gracie was a girl my mom and sister with me....and when we found out Matthew was a boy I was with Robby and Gracie.

Due date?

Gracie: September 21st
Matthew: August 26th

Did you deliver early or late?
Early both times!
Gracie: August 13th @ 34.5 weeks
Matthew: July 31st @ 36 weeks

Did you have morning sickness?

Gracie: yes, but it lasted the WHOLE time
Matthew: no

What did you crave?
Gracie: pizza, cheesesticks, any fast food and peanut butter
Matthew: oranges and veggies

Who irritated you the most? Ummm, Robby I guess

How many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy?
Gracie: 42.5 lbs
Matthew: 25 lbs

Did you have any complications during your pregnancy?
Gracie: I started bleeding @ 13wks and was scared of a miscarriage...then developed toxemia around 28 wks.
Matthew: We kept a watch on my blood pressure and had NSTs from week 30 until week 36 when he slowed movement.

Where did you give birth?
Gracie: Raleigh General
Matthew: Princeton Community

How many hours were you in labor?
Gracie: about 9 hours before they did a c-section due to her heart rate dropping
Matthew: ummm, never did have labor direct c-section

Who drove you to the hospital?

Who watched?
Gracie: Robby - LOL he didn't watch the c/s but sat at my head
Matthew: I was was an emergency c-section and there was no one at the hospital to sit with Gracie

Was it natural or c-section?
c-section both times

How much did your child weigh?
Gracie: 3 lbs 2 oz
Matthew: 5 lbs 9 oz

What did you name him/her?
Elizabeth Grace
Matthew William

How old are they today?

Gracie: 5.5 yrs
Matthew: almost 6 months

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  1. I keep forgetting that you had a c-section, when you were pregnant with the second one were you given the option of delivering naturally? I believe it's called V-Bac, because I'm curious to try but I'm unsure if doctors still do it anymore.. hmm..


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